Building self-awareness and why it matters.

Why does it matter to feel understood?

Can I practice self-awareness?

  2. “Take our Personality Test and get a ‘freakishly accurate’ description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.”
  3. In my experience, it is pretty freakishly accurate. As I was reading my description, I felt like they were completely mapping me out. I felt like they were going to give me all the answers… which they obviously can’t… but it did give me tons of clarity.
  4. Write (or “journal”)
  5. I personally don’t like the term journaling. My experience with traditional journaling has never felt very genuine. When I am given some kind of prompt to write “what I did that day” or “what I’m thankful for” I lose interest fast.
  6. That’s why I say “write”. Writing implies that you choose your subjects. Make a note of ANYTHING you find interesting — anything you want to dive deeper into. Then, make a time every week when you will gather your thoughts and explore them in writing.
  7. That’s a big part of what I’m doing here. Publishing helps hold me accountable to my writing, so consider making your own blog/newsletter.
  8. Ask people close to you
  9. Ask people 2 questions: (1) What am I good at? and (2) What do I enjoy doing?
  10. The answers to these questions are usually right in front of you. Sometimes you feel like you are inside a bottle trying to read the label. Let someone close to you remind you. In their experience, there are probably a few things you are naturally drawn towards that you have put on the back-burner.




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